I have no words to fully express myself about the life-changing progress Susan & Kendall strategically created in this day. I can talk effortlessly about how caring, thoughtful, fearless, and tough Susan is. She is swift and strategic. Her foresight is so clear. Her ability to concisely summarize such a complicated and messy issue is phenomenal. Thank you (both) from the depths of my being for allowing our voices to be heard.
Tosha M.
I could not be happier with Susan B. Shaw Law! She assisted me with my family probate matters at a very stressful time and when I needed help the most. She's a great lawyer and caring person! I am confident I made the right decision and would recommend her services to anyone.
S. Usher
I would recommend Susan for anyone who needs a trustworthy lawyer who will fight for you. She worked very hard to get answers and never backed down. I am without a doubt very grateful to Susan! ​
Jody O.

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